Tuesday, 15 January 2013

3 Types of Video Production that Clients in Winnipeg are Asking For

While there are virtually thousands of blog posts about video production, very few target client needs from a perspective of geographic location. I thought it would be informative to provide the people and businesses of Winnipeg some insight of what types of video production services I get asked about most.

#1 Website Videos

These videos are the most popular and there is no sign of it slowing down.
All the videos listed below could be considered “website” videos. The ones I’m speaking about here are videos that play on the homepage of your website.
These videos typically consist of:
  • Half day – Full day shoot
  • One to Three minutes in length
  • Branded intro and closing segments
  • Interviews with management/owners of the company
  • B-Roll footage
  • Titles/graphics/animations
  • Background music
While most clients ask for a single video, I always try and create a video that can also be re-edited into smaller segments.  This will give the client a single master copy for the website and also several smaller more targeted videos for their social media platforms.  When the videos are complete they are uploaded to a company youtube channel and easily put on their website and other social media platforms.

 #2 Real Estate Videos – Selling Property and Agent information

Video and the Real Estate Industry go hand in hand.  In the past, video production was too expensive to make filming property viable.  Now as more agents enter the Winnipeg real estate market they are looking for a way to separate themselves from competitors.
Real Estate videos typically consist of:
  •      Footage shot of a current property
  •      Graphics and titles
  •      Branded segments of the agent
  •      Background music
  •      Full video tour of the property
While this style of video is still developing I find it split between agents and private sales when it comes to a client base for this type of video.  I believe video will soon be a standard for property marketing as it gives the best perspective.
It also allows the seller/agent to incorporate branding, and other information while still controlling the message of the video.  With the real estate market booming in Winnipeg – this type of video production will continue to be in-demand.

#3 Promotional Videos

Clients that call for this type of video have products and services to promote.  They want to find new ways to reach potential clients using online methods.   They need videos that can act as a sales and marketing tool 24/7.  While similar to “Website Videos” (above), these videos are less focused on the overall business and more focused on the details of a product, service, or brand.
Promotional videos typically consist of:
  •       Full day video shoots
  •       Interview/on camera segments
  •       Shooting B-roll footage
  •       Graphics/animations & titles
  •       Branding (Branding needs its own blog)
  •       More detailed script writing
  •       High level of creativity
This type of video can range from selling products and services to bands promoting events.   Its always interesting to see what type of promotional video will be in production next.  Most all clients want these videos produced for play online and through social media platforms.  Its rare to get a dvd request these days.

Honourable Mentions

There are a couple honourable mentions to let you know about. 


The conclusion is simple.  Businesses want video on their homepage that sells a potential customer on their products or services.  Businesses want to greet you in person on their website with a professional quality, polished video.  

While this type of video remains the most popular, there is a new type of video that I will write about in my next blog that I believe has potential (long term) to become number 1. 

Author: Kevin Klymchuk

If you have any questions about how video production can work for your business - please feel free to contact me.

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Thanks for reading these words.


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